VetaHuman: (vet-uh-hyu-man): noun: A human being with superpowers who protects animal and public health; synonym: veterinarian.

The League of VetaHumanz was founded to provide access and support for underserved youth as they pursue their dreams of becoming veterinary professionals. Our ultimate mission is to improve health literacy and reduce health disparities in people and their animals. 

Committed to excellence through a diverse, equitable, and inclusive veterinary profession, VetaHumanz engages with community centers and schools across the globe, delivers STEM resources that provide K-12 students with relatable veterinary role models, communicates the positive impact of veterinary medicine on public and animal health, facilitates career exploration and experiential learning, and so much more.


Dr. Vacques Hines is a Purdue Alum and one of our VetaHumanz!


The League Needs Your Help!

While we create and deliver veterinary STEM resources that provide elementary school students with diverse superhero veterinary role models, we can’t reach every child in person. That’s why we created SuperPower Packs. Each pack costs $25 to produce and will contain a veterinary book or game, an official VetaHumanz cape and sticker, and a letter and collectible card from one of our very special VetaHumanz. 

Your gift will help us provide free SuperPower Packs to 1,000 underserved children. Learn more at

In return for your generous donation, you will receive one of our educational games based on the level of your gift. Gifts of $100 or more will receive the Pumped! Board Game. These gifts have limited supply. Donate today!

  • Flu Out Card Game (first 150 donors) 
  • Book set (first 200 donors)
  • Pumped! Board Game (first 50 donors)