Purdue research excels in important defense areas such as nanotechnology, energetics, propulsion, big data, cybersecurity, and more. Just as we have led the training for engineering advances into Space, we are now looking to lead in officer training of defense and security.

By choosing to give to the Purdue Military Research Initiative, you can provide the support needed to add an active duty military officer to a Purdue defense research program, which teaches officers about applying science, technology, and entrepreneurship to security and defense solutions for the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Space Force. Officers who are selected for the program will receive PhD support for up to 3 years to join world-class Purdue research team already engaged in security and defense research. The goal of the program is to help facilitate trust, build stronger partnerships, and better understand each other's roles.

Military education is extremely valuable because it provides officers with the best training to keep themselves and our citizens safe. By making your gift today, you are choosing to support advanced education for military officers and allowing for a faster development of new national security.

Purdue is proud to have recruited over 100 officers from all military services and have 24 new officers joining in Fall 2021


You can help a military officer advance their education today, so that they will be better equipped for the battles of tomorrow.




Dating back to the start of Purdue's military training in 1888, our campus has supported our nation's defense and security for many decades. 

The Purdue Military Research Initiative (PMRI) offers active duty officers across all military branches with training in the application of science, technology, and entrepreneurship. Will you help enhance our National Defense by sponsoring an officer's education and inclusion our research today?