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Lunabotics: NASA Competition

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Purdue Lunabotics is a student organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of robotics in space exploration. Each year, we design and build an autonomous mining robot for NASA's annual LUNABOTICS competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

We are very proud to introduce this year's robot, The Boilermaker Extra Extra Special, which weighs around 100 lbs. and stands 2 ft. tall. Our organization was able to fund the development and building of the robot, but we are asking for your help to transport it cross-country. 

Can we count on you to help us make it to this year's competition?


NASA's annual LUNABOTICS competition is in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The goal of the competition is to operate a rover to traverse a lunar-esque environment and collect gravel located beneath the surface of the moon, which represents ice crystals on the actual moon. 

Travel can be expensive, especially when bringing along a 100 lb. robot. By making a gift today, you can help cover transportation and housing costs for not only our robot and extra materials, but also for 20 of our team members. It costs $100 to send one student to NASA's competition. 

You can help us represent Purdue on a global stage. Thank you for your support!

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Lunabotics Sticker

You will receive a limited-edition Lunabotics sticker!

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Estimated Delivery: April 2023


Initials on Robot

We will put your initials on our robot!

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2 Team T-Shirts

You can provide two team members with t-shirts to wear to the competition!

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Estimated Delivery: February 2023


Send 1 Student!

You will send one student to NASA'S competition!

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Estimated Delivery: February 2023